Useful links: High Ed Websites, Knowbility, SXSW podcasts

Showcase of Academic and Higher Education Websites at Smashing Magazine lets you see quite a few academic sites that pass Smashing’s standards as being well designed.

The Knowbility Crew

These fine folks, with Knowbility Executive Director Sharron Rush at the top left, are the Knowbility crew who managed the Knowbility booth during the Trade Show at SXSWi. The Accessible Insights Blog from Knowbility recently moved, so check them out in their new home.

In an astonishing feat of speed, SXSW is already making podcasts of some of the main events such as keynotes available. See SXSW Interactive Videos and Podcasts.

2 thoughts on “Useful links: High Ed Websites, Knowbility, SXSW podcasts”

  1. This post states that the Accessible Insights Blog from Nowbility has moved to a new location. Indeed it has, but the Accessible Insights Blog and web site are not in any way associated with Nowbility. I am the owner and sole proprietor of Accessible Insights, as well as the blog, and it’s sole author. While I am by no means offended at being mentioned, your readers ought to know that my web properties are not affiliated in any way with any other accessibility consultancy business.

    1. Thanks for clearing that up. I wonder why I thought your blog had something to do with Knowbility??? Maybe I found the link to it there . . .

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