Useful Links: Accessibility, Valentine’s advice, Google Buzz

Tools for Conducting and Accessibility Review is an excellent summary by Angela Colter of the tools you should gather and use when doing an accessibility check. Read the comments, too, as some additional tools are mentioned by Jared Smith from WebAIM.

The couple who hold the record for the longest marriage are answering questions about romance on Twitter for Valentine’s Day. Married in 1924, Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher are willing to share their tips for keeping the romance alive from their Twitter account at @longestmarried. Send in a question, they’ll pick 14 questions to answer. Don’t ever assume anything about older people and what they can do with technology, you’ll probably be wrong. And by the way, it’s an insult to say something is so easy your mom or your grandmother could do it.

Okay. So what are you thinking about Google Buzz? Is it great or terrible? Will it make life easier or more exposed? Is combining all your information streams into one a good idea? Talk to me.

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