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ATMac tells about Accessing the iPad: Mouthsticks and Styluses with some tips for how a user with limited mobility can work the device. It’s useful to also read ATMac’s post Accessibility and the iPad: First Impressions.

In the category of “stuff I didn’t know you could do but it sounds really great and I want to try it” comes this news from Demo Girl: How-to: Google Search in Gmail.

Where did Internet Explorer’s Browser Share Go? in an interesting look at trends in browser usage. I tried to have an effect on this trending information by installing Chrome on my Mac, but it won’t open after it’s installed. Instead I just get error messages.

Yes, there will be textbooks on the iPad. At least according to this article in the NYTimes.

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  1. What does interest me is that the device does one thing particularly well; it succeeds in developing accessibility and usability beyond that of many other such devices we’ve seen. As observed by many parents, the fact that a child can pick up the iPad or similar touch screen devices and interact with the graphical user interface instinctively instinct or based on intuition is a very valuable asset and should be central to the debate surrounding the worth of the iPad to the consumer market.
    The beauty of touch screen devices is that they rely on and promote our most basic human instincts. As children develop they rely on the tangible and on experimentation with objects to determine what they are and how they can be used, if at all. Perhaps consider disabled users, the ability to simply lightly touch the screen to interact with the device, as opposed to requiring the dextrous use of the mouse or keyboard could revolutionise some people’s ability to access information, products or services online. And after all, many would argue that access to the internet and information on a broader scale should be considered a basic human right.

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