Catch me tomorrow on BlogTalkRadio

Tomorrow at 1PM Eastern is the date for  the Fem 2.0 Wake Up Campaign on work/life blog radio series program where I’ll be representing the elder blogger community. The program I’m involved in is  “Work/Life and Older Americans: Taking Care of Oneself & Others.”  The discussion airs at Talk Shoe. Luckily, I’ll be the moderator and will be asking the questions rather than providing expertise on the topic of caregiving.

There are several ways to participate. At Talk Shoe (with a small download readied in advance) you can join in with chat. The Twitter hashtags to get comments and questions noticed are #fem2 and #worklife. Fem2.0 is on Facebook, where you can follow information about the radio programs in the series.

Others taking part in this discussion include host Kim Gandy, Deborah Halpern, Communications Director of National Family Caregivers Association, and Deborah Russell, Director of Workplace Issues of AARP.

The Fem 2.0 series of ten programs covers work life issues from every direction. Check the list of all the programs. The people involved are top notch and the discussions promise to be worth checking out. Take a look.

Fem2.0’s campaign, Wake Up, This Is the Reality!, aims to change the way our society talks about work, to shift the story away from privileged “balance” and corporate perspectives to one that reflects the reality on the ground for millions of Americans and American families. We need this shift if we want policy makers to know how tough it is out here and move them to act on legislation around such issues as paid sick days, healthcare, child and elder care, equal pay, etc.

To achieve this shift, we must be many and we must be LOUD.

If you have some insight to offer on the topic of work/life and older Americans you can participate in the  blog radio event at Talk Shoe where you can submit comments and questions. After the blog radio programs in the series are finished, there will be a blog carnival where posts from individual blogs can be submitted to Fem 2.0 for the carnival.

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