Useful Links: Backchannel, adoption rates, Scrunchup

Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome has some thoughts about Twitter in the backchannel at LeWeb 09 in Paris. His ideas are a little different from some of those I’ve mentioned previously in posts about the backchannel. Give a listen. There’s talking on the phone while driving, there’s texting while driving, and now there’s video while driving, Pirillo style.

Matrix: Social Technology Adoption Curve Benefits—and Downsides from Jeremiah Owyang compares technology adoption rates with success in the social media world. Very interesting categories and opinions. He offers three suggestions that I think sum it up for those who want to make the most of social media for a company. Especially significant are “Be a Category Ahead of Your Company” in terms of adoption and “Track the Category Ahead of You.” Or, to quote myself, Keep up with what’s changing and learn how to use those changes to achieve your goals.

Issue #4 of Scrunchup is available. I’ve mentioned this new magazine already, but if you still aren’t turned on to it, this is your final clue. Become a reader of Scrunchup now.

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