Molly talks about browsers and more

I happily spent a couple of hours watching and listening to a lecture given at The University of Georgia by Molly Holzschlag. The lecture is part of the WaSP InterAct Curriclum web education program. Molly’s talk takes two hours, divided into 4 videos of about 30 minutes. Here’s the first of the 4 videos. Go to YouTube and listen to all 4, because she really gets into the good stuff later in the lecture. Her conclusions about the web as a disruptive technology at the very end of her talk are really powerful.

If you are teaching web development yourself, I suggest you scatter these 4 videos over 4 days and show them to your students.

Here’s a link to HTML5 Doctor, which Molly mentions. HTML5 Doctor offers a gallery, tips, answers, ideas and more for those who are working with HTML5.

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