Useful Links: Males vs. females, Google & HTML5, 50 Cent Lessons

Males vs. females in social media has stats, graphs, and the male to female ratio for 19 social media sites. Overall, women are in the majority but the men have yet to notice and take effective action.

What’s powering Web apps: Google waving goodbye to Gears, hello to HTML5 [Updated] The LA Times reports that Google is dropping its Gears utility in favor of HTML5.

A big reason for not including Gears in Chrome for Mac in the interim, as we wait for HTML5 to solidify, is a technical hurdle.

The stand-alone Gears isn’t compatible with Snow Leopard, the newest version of the Mac operating system. A Google spokesman indicated earlier this month in an interview that it’s a problem with the new system, not with lazy development.

With browsers adopting HTML 5 standards as if they were already in some sort of stable recommended spec, I think the movement around HTML5 will intensify.

If you aren’t reading Copyblogger, you should be. Why? Because of articles like Four Things 50 Cent Can Teach you about Connecting with Your Audience.

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