Useful Links: Intro to HTML5, Univ. Web survey, paid to tweet

Introduction to HTML5, microformats and CSS3 is a screencast showing the building of a web page in HTML5.

State of the University Web Department Survey results are available at eduGuru. The survey included all sorts of interesting questions such as university size, CMS used, technology used, department size, decision makers, frequency of redesign and more.

What do you think of A Friend’s Tweet Could be an Ad? I find the idea offensive and have started to unfollow people who use their twitter stream to collect ad revenue. You may have ads on your blog, which is fine: the choice whether to read the ads is mine. But when an ad comes through your twitter stream like it’s normal content it’s no longer my choice. Web users have developed visual skills to filter past ads on web pages. There’s no visual cue on Twitter that would let you scan past a paid tweet. It’s deceptive.

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