Useful links: Internet history, professionalism, font embedding, iPods in education

Why Apple is betting on HTML 5: a web history is interesting on several levels. For an educator teaching an overview of the Internet or a history of the web class, the article is one that could be helpful and useful in the classroom. For web developers interested in HTML5, this article looks at support for the specification from the point of view of industry—browser makers and software developers. It talks about why various industry leaders are supporting HTML5 and what that means to the implementation of the spec, which is currently in the working draft stage.

The State of the Web Profession isn’t really about the state of the web profession. It’s more of a plea to web developers to act professionally.

Roundup of Font Embedding and Replacement Techniques is an excellent resource for someone who wants to know all about font embedding and needs a good list of places to get educated.

What happens when you give a class of 8 year old children an iPod Touch each is fascinating. Be sure to scroll down and watch the film.

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