Useful Links: CSS Backgrounds, missing Quicktime Pro?, HTML 5

Backgrounds in CSS: Everything you need to know by Michael Martin in Smashing Magazine is an excellent post and worthy of a class reading assignment if you’re teaching web development. The article includes changes to the background property coming in CSS3.

At a Webuquerque meeting on Podcasting and Vodcasting recently, speaker Vince Ascoli mentioned in passing that when Snow Leopard installs, it moves Quicktime Pro from the Applications folder into the Utilities folder. You aren’t missing Quicktime Pro, it was merely moved without explanation. That’s a #FAIL in my book.

HTML 5: The Markup Language is posted at the W3C as a working draft with several disclaimers from editor Michael ™ Smith. It’s intended to give:

The documentation for each element will eventually have at least one conformant example and at least one non-conformant example.
The purpose of this subsection is to provide, where needed, additional details about the semantics of the element and its attributes.

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