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when teachers and students connect outside school at apophenia asks What do you think is the best advice for other teachers when it comes to interacting with students on social network sites? She said,

Digital technologies collapse social contexts all the time. The key to figuring out boundaries in a digital era is not to try to revert to space. The key is to focus on people, roles, relationships, and expectations. A teacher’s role in relation to a student should not end at the classroom door. When a teacher runs into a student at a local cafe, they are still that student’s teacher. When a teacher runs into a student online, they are still that student’s teacher. Because of the meaning of a teacher-student relationship, that should never be relaxed; the role of teacher should always be salient (except when the teacher also happens to be the parent which is when things get very murky very fast).

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Jim Thatcher continues his series examining the accessibility of Obama administration web sites with a look at Accessibiliity of and Accessibility of

A Forgotten Productivity Tip: Dreamweaver CS4 from Greg Rewls is a good tip.

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