Useful Links: Skip Links, Twitter search, best job in the world

Iheni on skip links, Twitter search will soon include indexing links, and a new social media job description trend?

The shelf life of a skip link from iheni talks about accessibility, navigation with a screen reader such as JAWS, HTML5 elements that will aid navigation and WAI ARIA roles. Excellent reading.

@Google – @Twitter to start Indexing Links for Search from TechCrunch is a fast and concise explanation of why changes in search on Twitter may end up being a big deal. If you didn’t watch Laura Fitton’s talk about Twitter the first time I recommended it, I urge you one more time to do that.

In January, I published The Best Job in the World – Going Viral. According to MSNBC, that job has now been filled by a 34 year old Brit named Ben Southall. The way the job posting went viral was of more interest to me than the fact that the job is now filled. But the notion behind the way it worked has been picked up by at least one company, this time  a California winery looking for a social media guru. They are paying $10,000 a month for someone who will visit wineries, taste wines, and do the whole 2.0 social media shtick about it for them. I think it’s about time educators developed a curriculum for social media shtick, because a lot of grads would like one of those jobs.

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