Useful Links: When Can I? Accessibility U

Useful links: When can I use new features of web standards? The John Slatin Access U for 2009. Do It Myself Blog’s Glenda figures out how to present live online. More . . .

When can I use . . . has compatibility tables for features in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and other upcoming web technologies. It shows a timeline for when various features will be supported. No surprise, many are waiting for the demise of some version or other of Internet Explorer.

An event to note. For two days in May, Knowbility will be putting on the newly named John Slatin Access U. It will be at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. It features a Usability Track and a Molly Holzschlag Track. There’s a post conference day with Molly and Derek Featherstone. Read the course descriptions.

You know Molly’s a brand of her own when there’s a whole section of an event named “Molly Holzschlag Track.” There’s not even a need to explain what it will be about, you only need to mention her name. There’s an interview or a graduate thesis or a book in there somewhere about how Molly became a brand.

Celebrating a Newly Discovered Ability from Do It Myself Blog is Glenda Watson Hyatt’s presentation from AccessCamp San Antonio. It explains how she managed to do a live online presentation and is a must see presentation.

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