Useful Links: Neuro web design, Web design update, HTML 5 differences

Links to a review of Neuro Web Design, the latest issue of the Web Design Update newsletter, the difference between HTML 4 and HTML 5.
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dotEdGuru, a blog I just discovered and which is now in my feed reader, wrote sex…Sex…SEX! Now I have your attention about a book called Neuro Web Design.

Neuro Web Design takes Neuromarketing one step further by discussing psychological concepts, which can then be applied to your website.  It’s a fascinating (and quick!) read that I recommend for anyone working on the web in any capacity.

In case you missed the Feb. 20, 2009 issue of the University of Minnesota at Duluth’s Laura Carlson Web Design Update newsletter, it’s bursting at the seams stuffed with so many great links I’m going to point to the archived copy of the newsletter. A lot has happened in the past week in accessbility, HTML 5, WCAG,  CSS 3, web standards, and more. Sometimes I cherry pick a few links from this weekly email to emphasize here, but this issue is so full of things you need to know that I thought I’d provide a link to the whole thing. You can subscribe to the listserv and get these valuable newsletters yourself.

HTML 5 differences from HTML 4 at the W3C not only details the differences in typical W3C-speak, but also explains the reasoning behind some of the changes. If you’re teaching HTML, this could be a great resource for you. Keep in mind that HTML 5 is still in the draft stage and not yet a recommendation.

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