Useful Links: The future of the web, shared passion, valuable blogs

The future of the web, shared passions about web education, and the most valuable blogs. More . . .

A battle of Beliefs: RDF, Natural Language Processing, and the future of the web at Burningbird pulls together information about HTML 5, RDF, the past, present and future—all with insight. Give it a look.

Shared Passion by Derek Featherstone shows that I’m not the only person who had a great time at Web Directions North 2009. He comments,

The premise was simple: bring together educators, web professionals and industry representatives to create a kind of think tank on improving the quality of education for the next generation of web professionals.

If  you care about the things that Derek mentioned, check out the Web Standards Project Education section and see where you can help.

The Twenty-Five Most Valuable Blogs from 247 Wall Street talks about the blogs that generate the most income and views, although they say themselves that it’s impossible to assign a value to a blog.

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  1. I was surprised about Dooce, too. I saw what she makes the other day and it was an eye popping amount. Shelley, we should SHOUT A BIT and we might make some money.

    Oh, wait, the shouting has to be funny. Not sure I can manage that part. Damn.

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