Useful Links: Screen Reader Survey, px to em, speech impaired

WebAIM’s screen reader survey results, a nice px to em converter, and advice for the speech impaired from one who knows. More . . .

WebAIM’s Screen Reader Survey results are available now. A main overall finding was that screen reader users are a diverse lot. They made a few recommendations based on their findings, but concluded

In general, these results suggest that following accessibility guidelines and standards, using technologies that support high levels of accessibility, and providing users with options is of the highest importance.

Px to Em can help you take that font measurement you can visualize perfectly at 36px and covert the measurement to ems. Then it gives you the CSS and even tells you a bit about why ems are such nice and loveable units.

Seven Ways to Communicate when you are Speech Impaired at Do It Myself Blog offers communication tips.

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