Useful links: purchase behavior, accessibility in a recession, eduWeb conf, and hAccessibility

A Razorfish study about social behavior and buying decisions, recession accessibility tips, the eduWeb Conference and a look at hAccessibility. More . . .

New Razorfish Data Ties Consumer Social Media Activity To Purchase Behavior about the relationship between social behavior and purchasing decisions concludes,

Clearly this early data reflects our belief that content distribution, especially among social networks, positively impacts a publisher’s monetizable web traffic — which helps explains why ESPN, Hulu, YouTube and the like put such effort into widget distribution. And this is also why retailers and manufactures, of which is clear leader, should be actively creating and distributing value-add widgets across social networks to drive revenue.

Testing times: recession bustin’ accessibility tips from the Opera Developer Network is good reading.

Are you going to the eduWeb Conference? (In July in Chicago.) The eduWeb Conference is an annual event for the higher education community, attracting those who are involved in online strategy, marketing and technology. This includes recruiting, website design/development, CMS, social media, marketing communications and the integration of traditional marketing channels into this new medium.

Microformats, hAccessibility and Moving Forward from A Blog Not Limited offers some pragmatic code examples for an accessibility issue related to the use of the abbr design pattern when expressing dates in microformats.

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