Useful Links: Internet safety, jQuery, Obama and Tech

A important report on Internet safety, a new tutorial on jQuery use in Dreamweaver, and a look at President Obama’s plans for technology. More . . .

Internet Safety Technical Task Force Report from apophenia is important information for educators, parents, and policy makers. Please read it.

Moving Pictures: a jQuery Accordion Tutorial Greg Rewls explains how to use Dreamweaver CS4 with a jQuery Accordion Widget from the Dreamweaver exchange to create an image menu that slides accordion-style.

How Obama Will Use Web Technology at Tech Crunch examines what we can expect technologically from the new administration.

The new media team has identified three top priorities of the new administration – communication, transparency and participation. Let’s examine how the new administration has been leveraging web technologies to meet these priorities.

One of the most interesting changes at is that all the content is now available to the public under a Creative Commons license.

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