And so it begins: Elder Geek

The TGB Elder Geek begins posting twice a month at Time Goes By, starting today with Select, Cut, Paste, and Copy. Who is The Elder Geek? None other than Web Teacher. More . . .

The TGB Elder Geek posts at Time Goes By twice a month, starting today with Select, Cut, Paste, and Copy. Who is The Elder Geek? None other than Web Teacher. Moi, chéri.

The series begins with several articles on the most basic of things. Here’s the introduction:

Very few elders are what we call the kids today: digital natives. Digital natives are those people growing up now who use a computer every day as an indispensable part of normal life. They absorb its intricacies through osmosis.

Elders, on the other hand, may have been presented with a computer late in life. Maybe someone taught them how to turn it on and how they could get email and photos. That may be where the lessons stopped. For that reason, we’re going to devote many of the Elder Geek columns to helping you learn the basics.

Yes, you may be an elder geek, but henceforth, only I will the The Elder Geek, or at least The TGB Elder Geek.

It’s surprising how many things that some of us take for granted are mysterious to people using computers only peripherally in their lives. It isn’t just elders. I know people who use the computer because they have to, but it isn’t their major thing in life. They might be artists or musicians or massage therapists who know enough to get along with their email app and that’s about it. These basic articles are for them, too.

If you know someone who fits that mold, let them know about the new series by The Elder Geek. Maybe it will help them. I’m sure the regular readers at Time Goes By will have comments about the posts, but if any of my regular readers here have ideas or comments about them, I’d love to hear. I’m wondering if these articles might be helpful to an instructor somewhere who’s teaching the basics. (Somehow everything is always about education for me.)

The collection point for all the Elder Geek posts at Time Goes By will be at the TGB Elder Geek page. I’m wondering if I should list them here, too,  on the Web Teacher Tips page.

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