Useful Links: 456 Berea St, Free Site Validator, video in edu, CalWAC

In the good news department, 456 Berea Street, which has been quiet for a while, is back. I picked up a link from there to a site that will validate your entire web site, not just a page. And it’s free, which explains why it’s the Free Site Validator.

We all Stream for Video. My grandkids put movies on YouTube. OK, they aren’t Fred, but still. (If you aren’t aware of the pre-adolescent YouTube hero, Fred, find out about him on YouTube.) You want to communicate with kids, think about using video in the classroom. This article is from the TechLEARNING web site, which is worthy exploring for more gems. A sister site is Digital Learning Environment.

California Web Accessiblity Conference or CalWAC from Knowbility is a great chance to get superb accessibility training in Long Beach. Jan. 12.

Digital Web Interview with Aarron Walter. Aarron’s the findability guy I wrote about a couple of times.

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