Useful Links

Letter from Taos on my writing blog First 50 Words will explain what I’ve been doing instead of posting here lately. I’ve also been occupied writing things like Eco-Friendly Recycling of Electronics at BlogHer. If you are about to get a new digital TV or plan to dispose of anything from a cell phone to a fax machine, that article will help you find a recycler who will do the right thing with all the lead, mercury and other toxins in your electronics.

Another way to Classify Twitter Users from Sarah in Tampa describes some new ways to classify spammers on Twitter. I’m hardly a power user of Twitter, but I’ve already attracted my share of spammers.

Morgan Stanley’s March Internet Trends Report: Social Applications Dominating at TechCrunch shows the entire presentation. It’s worth looking at every slide from Morgan Stanley, don’t just read the selective summary in the post.

SAP Global Survey: Australia’s Laurel Papworth: Building a Social Network for Arab Women is an interview with Laurel Papworth about her recent experiences teaching blogging at the Arab Women’s Network. My background info on this here .

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