Who are the Top Tech Bloggers?

Who are the top tech bloggers? What’s wrong with this list?

You think I’m going to say that there are no women on it, but I’m not. There are women on the list.

The problem is that techmeme is counting quantity, not quality. The number one blog on the list is Michael Arrington’s Tech Crunch. The article itself is on Tech Crunch. Tech Crunch publishes about 15 or 20 posts a day giving quick facts about developments in the tech world. (Arrington himself has written about the complaints from his family because he’s blogging all the time.) How could the prolific publishers like Tech Crunch, GigaOM, and Read Write Web not make the list?

Is quantity what matters?

Sure it’s interesting to see each fleeting bit of tech news as it comes and goes. I’m not saying I don’t read these blogs, because I do. Heck, I read and quote the blogs on the top 100 myself quite a lot. But I’d much rather read a thoughtful article on A List Apart or Digital Web Magazine, which in my mind qualify as top tech blogs.

Maybe the point I’m trying to make is that the blogs that matter to me help me learn something useful for my own education. The news blogs are interesting in an abstract way: what’s happening at Yahoo or Microsoft or some recently funded startup is good information—there’s nothing bad about knowing these things.

But the things I really want to know and care deeply about as a writer on the topic of learning web design come from other tech blogs.

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