Useful links

Four Bad Designs at Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox explains, once again, with examples, why good content is essential for a good return on investment.

Podcast: BlogHer talks to Anna Lappé. While my blog is not a food blog, I can’t help but mention this interview with the food writer and activist. It’s excellent and worth a listen. Lappé offers many resources for finding organic and sustainably grown food no matter where you live. A question I send in about the carbon footprint of food was included in the interview.

How to Get Customer Service via Twitter by Sarah Perez at Read Write Web explains that people complaining about bad customer service experiences on Twitter are being contacted by corporations. I’m still waiting to hear from Whirlpool after my Tweet about my crappy high efficiency front loading washer and dryer. Maybe I should actually contact Whirlpool instead of just Tweeting. Ya think? I’ve had them about 2 years and have spent over $1000 on repairs. Now that’s a genuine crappy product.

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