SXSWi: Ten Ways to Green-ify Your Digital Life

Ten Ways to Green-ify Your Digital Life

Katie Fehrenbacher, Alexis Madrigal, Sarah Rich, Jennifer Schlegel. Ya shoulda been here–they were serving Mimosas.

Jennifer is the moderator. Katie is the editor of Earth2Tech. This is a business based site featuring green tech companies, mostly from the Silicone Valley.

Sarah edits an off the grid section about green building at The focus here is building materials and architecture.

Alexis writes about green technology at Wired. He also writes a bit at Earth2Tech.

The guy next to me told me about, a green server company.

Carbon dioxide emissions related to server operations compares with greenhouse gases emitted by all the world’s airplanes. 30 to 40 million PC’s wil be ready for “end of life management” each year for the next few years. Currently, many end up in landfills or just sit in storage. If 104 million corporate PCs were turned off at night it would be like taking every car in the state of Maryland off the road.

Solutions: automate sharing such as rides, networking lights and heating and other home and car items. Intrago moves people without moving a lot of metal. Carpool application on Facebook doing well–better than Craigslist and other carpool sites. Smart Charging connects electric vehicles to internet and shares energy with utilities.

Selectively heat people or individual rooms, not an entire house. MyTemp and LagoTek, Smart Metering, Consumer Powerline.

Gadget power and greener gadgets with remixable modular designs. Make devices the right size with less material. Gadgets you shake or move to generate power. Wind devices that create energy on the front of a moving bike. Boats that power devices from the vibration of the boat or the “hum.” Flexible solar photo voltaics as in the Aptera. Thin film solar made without silicone is a growing technology.

How to visualize invisible environmental factors? Emissions, pollutants, pollen counts, water vapor, traffic and such being transmitted to people by phone or some such device.

Online communities and social networks: Carbon Minder. oops the slide disappeared and I can’t get the others.

New devices and concepts: Energy Saving Adaptor from France. Wattson by DIY Kyoto. Potenco Pull-cord generator, wind-up bamboo cell phone, hybrid solar lighting (also called sunlight transport) that uses fiber optics to bring light in from outside, rapid or prefab manufacturing reduces waste and is greener, 3D printing can build objects, coworking space on demand using green office principles.

Additional photos of SXSWi at Flickr.

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