The BIG GIVE: How to get a free book from me at SXSWi

get this book from me at SXSWi You have two chances to score a free copy of this book at SXSWi. I’ll give away one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Here’s how it’s going to work. You find me in the halls or the meeting rooms. (Hint–I have very short gray hair and have obviously never had my eyes nipped or tucked. The gray hair is normally a unique enough clue at a place like SXSW, but it will say my name on my badge, if you need verification of my identity.) You come up to me and say, “Read any good books lately?”

If you are the first person to say this to me on either Saturday or Sunday, you will be rewarded with a good book. If someone beats you to the goodie, just introduce yourself and we’ll chat a minute and you can tell me what you like about SXSW or Austin or where you came from and where your web site is. I accept business cards in conversations like this. I’m actually hoping to meet and chat with quite a few people this way, so even if you don’t need an HTML and CSS book, say hi.

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