Are WebCT and Blackboard obsolete?

If you teach in a university you know how awkward and difficult online tools like WebCT can be. After reading about Abilene Christian and watching the movie suggested by a commenter, I’m entertaining ideas about the usefulness of iTunes U and iPhone for college instructors.

Everything from assignments, lectures, class work, entire books, and turning in assignments can be done with the iPhone. And more easily. This certainly seems like the wave of the future to me. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s portable.

Are any other colleges (or even high schools) going this way? I’d like to hear about it.

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2 thoughts on “Are WebCT and Blackboard obsolete?”

  1. I do some adjunct web teaching since on site teaching jobs are harder to get. I’d like to see one platform that works so I can smoothly go from school to school and not worry about who is using what. As for on demand books that we print out- Not at the cost of ink for the printer! But I am a book collector and the book itself is important as are the words inside.

  2. I know UC Davis is doing an iPod Touch pilot w/a few faculty in a workgroup, but it’s a new program and I don’t know of any results yet.

    A bunch of the ed tech folks I follow on Twitter bought iPod Touches this weekend, so I suspect we’ll hear more about this soon.

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