Useful links

Reset CSS from Eric Meyer has finally earned a home of its own at meyerweb. Now you won’t have keep track of each iteration, it will always be easy to find (thanks, Eric). He also created a permanent home for the CSS Diagnostic tools he’s known for.

Jon Tan has a really helpful article about using ems and elastic layouts. How to calculate font-size, layout width and all sorts of great em info. Elastic layouts are the most accessible of all layouts and this well-done article could help you or your students come to grips with the concepts.

Anatomy of a Digg at Infotropism, Kirrily Robert’s blog, tells you how to prepare for a traffic spike. Good advice even if you never get dugg. If you’re using WordPress, she suggests wp-cache, among other things. Some of the techniques are similar to those described by Michael Dame at HighEdWebDev when he described how Virginia Tech responded to the huge surge in hits after a gunman went on a rampage on that campus.

Save the Internet blog reports on a newly introduced bill to spur the discussion about net neutrality anew. With Comcast trying to promote the notion that they can “manage” your bandwidth requirements better than you can, maybe this bill will get people fired up about net neutrality again.

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