Useful Links

15 Amazing Women in Blogging is Extra for Every Publisher’s selection of his favs. I even agree with a couple of his choices. Can you guess which ones?

Web Worker Daily provides a concise summary of links involving the Microsoft attempt of a hostile takeover of Yahoo!

The Edublogs Magazine is new. Looks interesting. Its tag line: Education and the Edublogger.

CSS Reference at Sitepoint is the first of three comprehensive reference collections. The others will be about HTML and JavaScript. This one must be bookmarked.

3 thoughts on “Useful Links”

  1. I certainly wouldn’t want to disagree with his choice of Molly and Gina. I would have loved seeing someone on the list who wasn’t young and attractive–maybe Ronni Bennett for example. Oh, well.

  2. I would have liked that too. Shelley Powers and Teresa Nielsen Hayden would be my top picks for who is missing.

    For that matter, Mena Trott hardly counts as a blogger anymore, given that her posting pace has slowed to about once a year or so.

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