Mac Help?

I have a problem I can’t solve on my own. When I moved from an older Mac to the new MacBook, I transfered the software, including BBEdit and Transmit. I had the software on CDs, reinstalled it on the new machine, got the proper codes, magic words, and licenses numbers. But each time I respond to the “there’s a new version available” prompts from either of these programs, I’m told I don’t have permission to install the new program. Yes, I’ve changed all the permissions to my id for both apps. Any ideas?

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  1. I’m not sure what you mean by “I’ve changed all the permissions to my id”. Is this a Mac permissions thing or a problem with the apps themselves? Did you transfer the software or reinstall the software?

    It’s sounding to me like a Mac permissions issue, but I’m kinda confused on the sequence of events. Feel free to ping me via chat if you’re still having trouble…

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