Useful links for today

Giveaway of the Day Giveaway of the Day offers a daily dose of licensed software that normally costs you money. It’s free for one day. Each new day brings a new software app, free.

Lifehacker Top 10 Obscure Google Search Tricks has some great tips for searching. For example, searching Google for “” returns 35 pages of results with 932 articles and categories from this blog, in other words, everything from the site.

An Event Apart gets gender-enhanced. The new speakers list for the 2008 An Event Apart programs was announced. In every city, they have a least one female on the list—sometimes two. Two! Count ’em, two! Jeffrey and Eric are redeeming themselves with the gender equity police.

iPhone Tester lets you load a live URL into an iPhone simulator. It wants you to use Safari for best results, and it isn’t perfect, but it gives you some idea what your site would look like on an iPhone.

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