Some Useful links for today

At 71, Physics Professor is a Web Star. That’s the wrong headline. It should read: Physics Professor is a Web Star. Age is not a factor, just great teaching. Making Physics fascinating is the achievement here.

Top 10 Hottest Women in Tech from shows ten gorgeous, young, female geeks. Not to be outdone, Susan Bratton at MishyMix posted her own list of the 10 hottest women in tech. Being geeky is hot, girls. Study computer science, study engineering. You, too, can be hot.

Internet Explorer 8 and Acid2. IEBlog announces that IE8 passed the Acid 2 test. (The Acid test is explained, for those in the dark.) IE 8 is scheduled for release sometime in ’08.

Killing Some Bad Layout Conventions by Andy Rutledge offers up some fresh thinking for layouts.

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