Review: Design Accessible Web Sites

Summary: A good resource

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Design Accessible Web Sites: 36 Keys to Creating Content for All Audiences and Platforms

Rating: 4/5

This book, by Jeremy J Sydik, is from the Pragmatic Bookshelf series (2007). It covers the full range of accessibility topics from basics such as introductions to the various types of disabilities to more complex topics such as scripts, accessible Flash, and understanding the guidelines.

I particularly like the Ten Principles for Web Accessibility in this book. The second principle, my favorite, is “Your users’ technologies are capable of sending and receiving text. That’s about all you’ll ever be able to assume.”

There are simple, no-nonsense descriptions and tips for testing, alt text, semantic HTML, captioning, tagging PDFs, scripting, and accessibility laws the world over. This book, in many ways, follows the same contents as Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance, but in a less pedantic and lighter way. You don’t get as much depth, but you do get a serviceable reference that would be good to have around.

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