Step-by-step Blogger to WordPress

I wrote down all the steps I took to import the old Blogger posts into WordPress and published it as a how-to article on eHow. I owe a huge thank you to my online listserv community from Wise-Women, where many more informed WordPress bloggers than myself helped me by answering my many questions.

5 thoughts on “Step-by-step Blogger to WordPress”

  1. Your such a brave woman Virginia,

    I would never dare to upgrade let alone transfer from one place to another all the precious imformation you have.
    Well done!

  2. Some of the really old Blogger posts didn’t come equipped with a title field. So they don’t all show up in a search as I’d like. But otherwise, it was mostly tedious, not hard.

    Took about 3 days to get the pretty urls, get all the web teacher tips looked up with new urls, and tweak the theme to my liking.

  3. Congratulations!

    Yours sounds a lot easier than mine, but this is also the first time I’ve done this sort of thing entirely alone. I’m actually enjoying it when I’m not banging my head against the wall. 🙂

    Since blogging is a part time hobby for me, I haven’t kept up with all of the wisewomen emails. Sounds as though I should have!


  4. Hi Vera,
    Did you switch from Blogger to WordPress?

    The tedious part was going through all the posts one by one to get the title pasted into the title field. The old Blogger didn’t have categories, either, so I had to do title and categories for every post by hand. That’s taken up a lot of my spare time for the last few days, but I finally finished.

    A couple of the W-W know WordPress really well. There’s also a very good blog about WordPress called Lorelle on WordPress.

  5. Hi Virginia,

    Yes and same here on the tedium. I had some other problems, and it’s been a sharp learning curve for me, but I really love it.
    I do visit Lorelle’s blog, but I’m never sure which of her tips apply to only (rather than .org).

    I’ve been finding lots of new WordPress bloggers, between looking for help and simply being more aware …and now you’re one of them also. 🙂


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