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I heard from teacher Bob Minott about a blog he started as a way to continue teaching while he’s away for two weeks on an expedition. He said,

Teachers that are terrified at creating blogs are welcome to view my first attempt at a multi-media blog.

There’s an Earthwatch landing page that serves several teachers. When you click Mr. Minott, you read a brief bio about Bob and then see the link to his blog. It is Bob’s blog where the action is for his students. He notes,

That is where you will find a variety of things. Hopefully, each teacher will be posting pictures, videos, voice clips and a diary. The blogs should each have a place for student’s and teacher’s comments. Children are welcome to do this from home, so feel free to give them the web address (all comments are “filtered”). They do not need a Google ID, if they click “anonymous.” Remind them NOT to use their last names. Ex: Billy K. , Mrs. Frank’s 7th Grade class.

Sound like a perfect way to keep his class back home engaged in the process while providing interesting information and inviting their participation.

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