Is my message that unclear?

Is it clear that this site is about teaching and learning web design? Every time I receive a weekly report on search queries that people used here, I get the strangest queries. Why do people think they will find these things here? Here are some examples:

  • buy cialis online
  • washington irving
  • None
  • literally
  • blue

People think I’m a drug store or the white pages or some fount of literary information? And None? Are they clicking into the search box and hitting return with no keyword in the search box? Why?

What’s wrong with my site that there’s no instant recognition of the fact that we’re talking about web design topics here? Huh? Well, huh?

2 thoughts on “Is my message that unclear?”

  1. It isn’t email or feedback. It’s search results. I changed the label above the search box to read “search this site.” Maybe that will eliminate some of the more off the wall ones.

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