What I want my camera to do

OK, camera makers, are you listening? I want to be able to email photos from my camera. My good camera, not my phone. I want my close up lens, my landscape view, my 12X optical zoom. And after I take a photo with my good camera I want to send it directly to Flickr. I don’t want to wait to upload it to my computer and then email it.

One more thing. I want it cheap! Let me use some existing form of service through my cell phone company or my ISP or some other service that I already have. I don’t want to have to pay $25 a month for this. Let me know when I can do this, ok? Thanks, camera makers.

3 thoughts on “What I want my camera to do”

  1. YES!! I couldn’t agree more! I love to travel and take my camera, cellphone, and computer ever where I go and spend countless hours downloading photos to my laptop, then connecting my computer to the Internet through my cellphone to upload photos to my blog so my friends and family can keep up with my adventures. It would be IDEAL if my camera would simply upload all photos to Flickr or some such. And it wouldn’t take anything to add a selection screen to choose which ones go. However, I would even settle for the ability to connect my camera to my cellphone and push a button to upload to the blog. My current digital camera is 4 years old and I’m just ITCHING for an excuse for a new one – come on camera companies, give me a product I can buy!

  2. The next generation of cameras are being designed with built in wi-fi so you can send your images directly to your flckr acount. Should be available this summer

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