O’Reilly Media invite

I suspect it is because I’m on the PR mailing list for new O’Reilly publications because I review so many O’Reilly books. Or maybe they think I know something about Ruby on Rails (I don’t). But I received my first ever invitation to participate as a presenter from them today. OMG, could it be that they are trying to increase the percentage of female presenters? Now that would be truly noteworthy. Most of the time I have to find places I might want to present and then figure out how to submit a proposal. So this invitation is new for me. Here’s part of the email:

To meet the increasing demand for skill building, and to spread the joy of Rails, Ruby Central and O’Reilly Media are teaming up to produce RailsConf Europe 2007, an entire conference
dedicated to Ruby on Rails. Happening September 17-19 in Berlin, Germany, RailsConf Europe will offer keynotes, sessions, and tutorials from the most innovative and successful Rails experts and organizations.

I won’t be going, but for the rest of you who may know something about Ruby on Rails or want to learn, take note of the event in Berlin in September.

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