My ebook’s days are numbered

I’ve been selling an ebook, A Beginner’s Guide: Writing CSS with Dreamweaver 8 for the last few months. This ebook is about to be retired from service. The reason is the upcoming release of my new book, Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS. The new book will be released on Feb. 27. It contains a chapter about using CSS in Dreamweaver 8. The chapter in the book covers basically the same material as the ebook, but the chapter does a better job with the topic. The chapter benefitted from being newly written and reorganized after learning from the initial experience of writing the ebook. And the chapter also benefitted from a couple of suggestions from the book’s technical editor, Zoe Gillenwater. She’s an expert Dreamweaver user herself and pointed out a couple of things that I hadn’t mentioned in the ebook that helped improve the DW8/CSS information in Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS.

The ebook was a help to me, because I used it to show my editors at Wiley that a chapter about using CSS in Dreamweaver 8 actually had a place in a book about hand-coding HTML and CSS. I hope it has been helpful to those of you who have purchased it for your own learning or to use in a classroom. (The license allows reproduction for classroom use.)

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