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Nov 27, 2006 by

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★★★★★ CSS: The Definitive Guide by Eric Meyer (O’Reilly 2006) is now in its 3rd edition. This book has been on my recommended list for a long time, and most people working with CSS (or teaching CSS) probably have earlier editions on their shelves. Instead of giving you a complete review, I’m merely going to mention the new content covered in this edition.

The significant addition, to my mind, is that Internet Explorer 7 and CSS 3 are covered. It includes everything in CSS 2.1 and describes CSS 3 selectors that are supported by IE7, Firefox, and other browsers. It describes how tables are laid out within CSS and the various display values for tables such as inline-table and table-column. The sections on generated content and pagination expanded, too.

The new material is a significant upgrade over older editions and makes this an appealing new offering from Eric Meyer.

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