Style Me Challenge Winners

I’m pleased to announce the four winning competitors in the Style Me Challenge. This challenge involved an HTML page I provided. Designers who entered could create any design they wanted, as long as they didn’t change the underlying HTML. The layout had to be in CSS, but the page included a data table, which presented a nice style challenge in itself. Winners will be featured in a color section my forthcoming book Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS (Wiley, March 2007). Congratulations to all these fine designers.

You’re just going to get a teaser here, the images are really too small to reveal any of the fine design elements these competitors were able to incorporate in their designs. You’ll see more detail in the book, and you may be able to follow the links to the individual designer’s sites to see a larger image, too.

Donna Jones

A horizontal scrolling design by Donna Jones The lemonade summer design by Donna Jones

These two designs are from Donna Jones of Portland, Maine.  She develops and maintains sites locally, mainly for non-profits. You can see some examples of her work at The design on the left uses a horizontal scroll with transparent graphics to make a smooth transition across the page. The design on the right is a cheery treatment called lemonade summer.

B.C. Bass

A design by BC Bass

B. C. Bass of Butterfly Dezignz at entered this design. The styles are customized for a number of different browsers using CSS filters. The look is created with image replacement and positioned background images.

Leslie Hastings

A design by Leslie Hastings A design by Leslie Hastings

Leslie Hastings of entered two winning designs. The design on the left has four CSS based columns. The HTML page for this design included a table; you can see just the top of it at the lower right, spanning two of the four "columns." You can’t really appreciate the moody beauty of the design on the right at this small size. The left column and the masthead (which also contains the tree image you see in the column on the left) are both fixed in position.

Tee G. Peng

A design by Tee G Peng

This design is by Tee G. Peng. Tee can be found at The design uses floats for the two main columns, with a lovely hand-painted lotus as a focal point in the center.

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  1. I didn’t publish the code. And I no longer have the code. I think some of the winners have announcements on their own web pages that might show the code.

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