Case Against Target Won’t Be Dismissed

This news release from the National Federation for the Blind NFB – Target Sept Release says that the case against Target, which Target had asked to be dismissed, will go on. I know a lot of you read with great interest Jim Thatcher’s Expert Declaration. It appears that a legal precedent on accessibility in commercial sites may actually become reality with this case.

Here’s what the NFB site says : “A federal district court judge ruled yesterday that a retailer may be sued if its website is inaccessible to the blind. The ruling was issued in a case brought by the National Federation of the Blind against Target Corp. (Northern District of California Case No. C 06-01802 MHP) The suit charges that Target’s website (Target) is inaccessible to the blind, and therefore violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. (ADA), the California Unruh Civil Rights Act, and the California Disabled Persons Act. Target asked the court to dismiss the action by arguing that no law requires Target to make its website accessible. The Court denied Target’s motion to dismiss and held that the federal and state civil rights laws do apply to a website such as”

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