What is a mastery level technique?

At the behest of my former Sybex (now Wiley) publisher, I submitted a proposal for a new book, Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS. The proposal was approved, so I’m gearing up to start writing. It will be spring of 2007 before it comes out. In the meantime I may appear relatively scarce around here because I’ll have less time to think about anything but the schedule involved in getting a book done.

I’d love to know what HTML or CSS tips, techniques, habits, or ideas you consider mastery level. My first book was very definitely for beginners. There’s plenty of room to expand into advanced ideas. I emphasize not just HTML and CSS, but also standards, accessibility and usability, so I’d like to hear any ideas about mastery level topics in those areas, too.

The new book will include Instructor’s Resources such as a sample syllabus, skills and objectives, presentation slides and a test bank. I hope this is good news for the teachers out there.

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