SWSWi: Cool sightings and Kicking Butt

So far today I’ve gotten to meet and hug Dori Smith and Stephanie Sullivan. I also sat next to Jan Kabili and Eric Meyer during a booksigning session at the SXSW bookstore.

The panel I was on “Whose Butt Should We Be Kicking” went well and we’ve had lots of nice feedback. Maybe my nervous system will settle down enough so that I can get some sleep tonight now that it’s over.

One of the things I had prepared that we didn’t get time to discuss was a list of books that I had researched. One point I wanted to make is that there are many more male authors writing, but the number of books by women is at about a 60% to 40% ratio male to female. This puts women in a pretty visible position in the tech book field. This survey is not accurate, and could be poked full of holes, but its a rough look at who is visible as an authority in the web design field. Here’s a link to the notes for the SXSW panel with the book list. You can see a photo of some of these folks at Flickr.

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