Is Browse Happy making a difference?

First sign of malicious code exploiting Windows Jpeg security flaw – describes a new security hole in Internet Explorer involving JPEG images. We hear this type of news almost every day about IE. There are also more and more reports every day that Microsoft is losing users to the safer and more standards-compliant browsers such as Opera, Firefox, and Safari.

Browse Happy logoI’m wondering how much effect the Browse Happy. Online. Worry Free campaign has had to do with this trend. If you have switched browsers because of the encouragement of Browse Happy, I’d like to hear your comments.

One thought on “Is Browse Happy making a difference?”

  1. I have never heard of Browsehappy actually. But I will comment on alternate browsers.

    I still use IE for testing some sites, and for a few that only work under IE unfortunetly. I do not use straight IE though. I am currently using MyIE2 which provides tabs and alot of the features found on the other browers. I really can’t stand using a browser w/o tabs.

    Staying away from websites that have lots of javascript, active-x, and other things is always good in IE. I do run Ad-aware, webroot, and ClamWin quite often because of spyware and viruses. The Spyware is found much more often when running IE than other browers. I can only assume someone is taking advantage of security holes in the browser.

    For a all platform browser I prefer Firefox. The one major problem I have with it is installing plugins. You never know what plugin is going to make the browser start moving like a sloth with no feet. Even after you uninstall all that… something feels wrong.

    My all time favorite browser is probably Galeon. Unfortunetly it is a Unix only browser. It uses the gecko rendering engine used by Mozilla, and most others out there, but the interface is written in GTK and C. That makes it more platform dependent, but it makes it very fast.

    Actually I have to put the browser Links up there with Galeon too. It is text mode (though there is a version that supports a graphical gui and such), but sometimes just browsing the web in text mode is great. Especially on a content rich site. And well I can’t really consider graphics part of content… unless of course you are going through a gallery or something specifically for the graphics. I suppose if you are reading a news article and they are showing you pictures of an event that is good aswell. But most of the time there is very little graphics relevent to what you are reading about and much more for glitter.. that can be distracting.

    Why did people start using Google (and continue even when Adsense started)? Well besides having good results, you were not bombarded with graphical advertisements.

    Even if you do not want to try a text based browser, definitely give some alternative browser a go over IE.

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