Ranting on Symantec

Today I went to the Symantec site to renew my subscription to Norton’s Anti-Virus. After I paid my money, they gave me an 11 digit Subscripton Key to enter into my software to keep my subscription going for another year. The only problem is, the field where Norton’s requests that you enter your Subscription Key only allows 8 digits.

Well, okay, there is a reference to a web page that will tell you how to enter your Subscription Key in your particular version of the software. Just so you know, when I renewed the subscription I told them the particular version of the software as prompted to do, but nevertheless I got back an unusable Subscription Key. I went to the referenced web page, clicked on the link that is supposed to provide directions for my particular version of the software. I got a page that says, Oops, our knowledge base has an error. Check back later. Well, it’s been over 12 hours and the knowledge base still is in error state.

In the meantime, I look through all the Help files, Support files, and Contact files on the Symantec web site. There is no way to communicate with these people! If you call them on the phone and talk to a human, they charge you $10. If you send in an email question they charge you $30.

I’m just going to have to wait for the illusive Knowledge Base to start working (my Subscription Key is only good for a week) and hope there is some magic there that will tell me how to squeeze 11 digits in a field that only allows 8 digits. Frankly, I think I’ve just been robbed by Symantec.

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