First Buzz about the WaSP Curriculum Framework

I’ve been blathering on about the new WaSP curriculum project for months now in this blog. It isn’t released yet, but WaSP itself has released the first buzz about it. Announcing the WaSP Curriculum Framework.

The framework will include a collection of tools:

* Course overviews
* Recommended course dependencies indicating what students will need to know before beginning each course
* Learning competencies describing what students must master in order to receive a passing grade
* Ideas for assignments and test questions that allow educators to measure a student’s mastery of each competency
* Recommended textbooks and readings, including articles from the Opera Web Standards Curriculum and other reputable sources
* A list of helpful resources, tools, and utilities specific to each course that will help both educators and students

Why is it called a framework? Given the velocity at which Web technology unravels, we recognize that required skill sets can change rapidly, and that the best way to keep this material useful is for the education community to enrich it with their expertise and experiences. In this way, the WaSP Curriculum Framework will be a “living curriculum” that we hope would be a knowledge base of required skills.

The framework will include guidelines to help educators around the world develop assignments and learning modules that address issues specific to their classrooms. These independently developed teaching materials can then be submitted back to the WaSP Curriculum Framework for review and potential inclusion in the project.