Integrate Your Social Media Approach and Set a Trend

It was almost two years ago when I wrote about the innovative social media campaigns run by Old Spice and by Sarah McLachlan, the singer. The early genius of those stories still shines, but this week’s news shows a trend toward integrating absolutely everything into one big social package.

Photo by Ruby Goes via Flickr

How Oprah is Revolutionizing Social TV in Real Time at Mashable details how,

She is incorporating social media and interactivity into every episode across various platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to Skype and Instagram. For example, Oprah encourages viewers at home and in the audience to live tweet responses to the topics mentioned on the show and then discusses them in real-time with her guests.

Oprah doesn’t just mention tweets on the show. Viewers might Skype right into the show to make a contribution. That’s pretty amazing, in my opinion.

Go to sleep!!!
Photo by Linxbas via Flickr

Also at Mashable, 110 Trending Topics in 5 Hours: How WWE Wrestlemania Body-Slammed Social Media talks about what happened during Wrestlemania.

Behind strong pushes on Twitter and YouTube, WWE Wrestlemania XXVIII laid the smack down on social media last weekend, teaching a digital engagement lesson to the sports entertainment world.

The five-hour pay-per-view broadcast at one point had seven of the top nine worldwide trending topics on Twitter. It generated 110 worldwide trends over the show and pre-show’s five hour period . . .

There are so many examples of folks who train wreck their careers or their business because they don’t understand social media. Clearly, individuals and companies alike need to learn how to make social media work for them rather than against them. These two stories show there are some who can lead by example.