Summary of eHow articles for December

December moon

The bare trees of December reveal a full moon rising over the Sandia Mountains. Happy holidays!

These are the articles I posted at eHow this month.

In the article called How to Have a Website on a Budget, you’ll find a list of every article I’ve posted at eHow up to now that talks about sites that provide free web design and hosting plans.

Understanding iTunes and iPod

Is an iPod may be on your shopping list for this holiday season, or perhaps on the wish list you’re submitting to Santa? As part of my series on iPods, this article will tell you some things about iTunes. I’ll explain about setting up playlists, using the Jukebox, getting music from your CDs into iTunes, making iTunes accessible if you need those features, and using the iTunes store.

One thing this article won’t cover is how to work with iTunes when you have more than one iPod in the family. That topic will get a separate post of its own later in the series. Other topics coming later include using an iPod in your car, iPod accessories, and finding free music for your iPod.

If you’re still trying to make a decision about which iPod to buy, see Planning Ahead for Christmas: Which iPod is Right for You?

You can use all the iTunes features even if you don’t own an iPod. But if you have an iPod, you must use iTunes as the bridge between the iPod and your Library on the computer. If you don’t already have it, the first step is to get iTunes. You can download it free from for either a PC or a Mac.

Read the full post at BlogHer. This is the second article in my iPod series at BlogHer.

My iPod is a pedometer

iPod as Pedometer

My iPod serves as my step counter. And I’m no where near 10,000 steps a day. Here’s my story.

I love the NPR show Fresh Air. My local public radio station doesn’t carry it, so I listen to the podcasts. Everytime I go for a walk, I play a Fresh Air podcast. Today is September 25. When I picked up my iPod for a walk this morning, I was ready to listen to a podcast from July 14. That means I’m over two months behind. Translated into exercise terms, it means I missed the daily walk so many times I really shouldn’t call it a daily walk.

There is no chance of skipping a podcast. Every one is too interesting to miss. My iPod is nagging me to be a healthier person.