Useful Links: Peer to Peer, Bill Gates, EVs

Needed: Peer to Peer Twitter (or did Google get it backwards?) at Rare Pattern raises some interesting questions.

Bill Gates: The Most Important Climate Speech of the Year is a TED Talks reported on at WorldChanging. Here’s a teaser. I don’t see the video on yet.

. . . he acknowledged the only sensible goal, when it comes to climate emissions, is to eliminate them: we should be aiming for a civilization that produces no net emissions, and we should be aiming to live in that civilization here in the developed world by 2050.

Obviously, that’s a big goal. Because he is the world’s biggest geek, to explain how he plans to achieve that goal, Gates put up a slide with a formula (which we can call the Gates Climate Equation):

CO2 = P x S x E x C

While were on the energy and environment, check out New Material Could Act as Both Battery and Body of EVs. That’s some cool technology.