Shared photo albums on Facebook

Mashable reports Facebook Unveils Shared Photo Albums. They aren’t exactly like Flickr groups, but they do have some similar features.

With shared albums, more than one person can contribute photos to the album. The person who created the album can choose to delete or modify photos that get submitted. Contributors can edit the photos they submit themselves.

A shared album can have up to 50 contributors, each of whom can submit up to 200 photos. This might work well for an event like a wedding or a shared vacation. It isn’t for something like a BlogHer conference or a SXSW conference where thousands of people attend and take photos. It’s more for events you shared with people you know on Facebook, because each contributor is invited.

The privacy settings for shared albums allow for public, friends of contributors and contributors only. Only the album’s creator can set the privacy controls. The album’s creator also sets up who the contributors will be.

The shared album option is rolling out today. When you upload photos to create a new photo album, look for a new button that says “Make Shared Album.” Here’s Facebook’s Help page on Shared Albums.